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Red Tutoring is a tutoring service in Bloomington, Indiana that provides one-on-one and group tutoring in Mathematics, Accounting, Statistics, and Standardized Test Preparation to Indiana University undergraduate students.


  • Becca is amazing! After seeing my grade for the first test I started going to her review sessions, and it showed! My grade raised a whole letter grade! Her review sessions are a great way to refresh your memory and learn about helpful tips and tricks. Without her help, I definitely would not have been able to get the grade I wanted!
    - C.B.
  • I literally would not have passed Finite if it wasn’t for your help!
    - L.S.
  • My name is J.G. and I am going to be a sophomore in Kelley this year. I did most of your exam review sessions last year for M118, M119, and A100. They helped me out so much; I'm pretty sure I learned more in your sessions than I did in my actual classes.
    - J.G.
  • The group sessions before my M119 and A100 exams were so beneficial in helping me comprehend the material that I couldn't figure out in the 200 person lecture hall! Becca takes her time with the review and really allows every student to absorb the information and learn at the same time. I highly recommend Red Tutoring because it really helped me push through those last finals to get the grade I knew I could always achieve!
    - I.P.
  • I would like to thank you again for offering such helpful finite review sessions last year. I went to every exam review session you offered for M-118 and they were so helpful! I appreciate your help so much and I honestly wouldn't have done so well in the course if it wasn't for your beneficial review sessions, especially the secret tricks you taught us!
    - E.C.
  • I was really worried about taking M118 when I first signed up. However, after a few of Becca's sessions, my worries subsided. Becca was able to break down the lessons into language I could understand, and ensure that I was able to pass the course!
    - D.M.
  • Becca Dilger is the best math tutor I have ever had. She is the bomb. Use her, you will not regret it.
  • I love being able to go over what I need to during my one-on-one sessions with Becca! She clarifies every concept I have confusion with and shows me tricks to methods that professors make complicated! As for the group sessions and reviews- they are a great way to hear the material over again, see sample exam questions, and ask questions that will be thoroughly answered. She has helped me earn A's in more than one class, as well as obtain a perfect final exam score for M-118!
  • Becca was a fantastic tutor. She raised my finite grade a full letter in a matter of weeks and was always a pleasure to work with. The only regret I have is not talking to her earlier in the semester!
  • Becca is a great instructor, she made the gibberish language of calculus seem like English to me. You walk away feeling ready for the test or final.
  • I hadn't taken a math class in five years, and didn't even test into M118 but I needed it for my major so I signed up for it anyways. Becca is the sole reason I passed math, earning a B. I can't put into words how much she helped, seriously.
  • Becca Dilger is one of the best teachers, if not THE best teacher, that I have ever had... period. I have always had a hard time with math, but shortly after meeting with Becca, my grades dramatically improved and so did my confidence level. I ended up receiving a 90% on my Finite final, when before meeting Becca, I was struggling to get C's. She explained the material in a way that I could really understand. Her passion for her students makes tutoring sessions a lot of fun and I even looked forward to going! There is no better math tutor that I would trust with my time, money, and grades... Becca is the best of the best.
    - M.S.
  • Mrs Dilger's teaching methods were one of the big reasons why I was able to pass my math class. She showed that there is more than one way to solve a problem if you don't understand how the book explains it. It saved me from having to retake the class over again!
    - A.G.
  • Becca is an amazing tutor! She got straight to the point and showed me shortcuts that my professor did not.
    - C.S.
  • Becca was the BEST tutor I have ever had. I have always struggled with math and taking it on my first semester of college was very scary and I could have never passed without Becca's help and hard work! Not only did I pass math, but I received my first A in a math class ever and it was a great way to start my college GPA! Becca truly helped me so much and I would recommend her to ANYONE and everyone!
    - A.W.
  • "Becca has been the best tutor I've ever had! If it wasn't for her there would be no way I would've passed D116! She makes it very easy to understand and provides you with easier ways to solve problems than your professors do! I would definitely recommend her to everyone!"
    - J.T.
  • "I had the pleasure of doing one-on-one sessions as well as the exam review sessions with Becca. She shows you shortcuts and fully explains every type of problem. I was always fully prepared for every exam after tutoring and wouldn't have done as well as I did in M118 and M119 if it hadn't been for her."
    - A.F.
  • Becca is the best tutor I've ever had. She takes the time to explain everything in a way that is easy to understand. I never would have gotten through my math classes without her expertise!
    - A.O.
  • Becca helped me succeed with Finite during my Freshman Year. Her review sessions put everything we were learning into much simpler terms than what we had learned during class. Because of her I was able to get an "A" in Finite.
    - S.L.
  • Becca was the most helpful tutor I have ever had, hands down. She was always there to help, whether it was with homework, studying, or attending her group sessions. There are no words to describe Becca other than being truly a life-saver. I would never have made it though T101 without her. I have recommended Becca to countless of my friends and will continue throughout my next 3 years of college.
    - S.G.
  • I took Finite first semester a received a C- in the class. I enrolled in the course again in the Spring and then went to tutoring with Becca throughout the course. My professors made everything sound so complicated, but Becca explained it clearly and in ways that were easy to remember. I improved my grade dramatically with Becca's help and even got an A+ on the final exam!!
    - K.S.
  • “Going to the help sessions offered by Becca definitely helped me in my math class (finite). Instead of just going straight by the book on how to solve problems she shows you other ways to break it down and figure it out. She helps you think outside of the box.”

    - A.G.

Who is behind Red Tutoring?

My name is Becca Dilger and I am the sole owner, operator, and tutor of Red Tutoring.  Although I grew up in Ann Arbor, MI, and Corvallis, OR, I’ve been in Bloomington for over 15 years.   I graduated from IU, and I’m passionate about the university and its students. Go Hoosiers!


When you book an appointment with Red Tutoring, you will always only be tutored by myself; never
one of your peers. For this reason, appointment times are limited, so you are encouraged to book
appointments in advance.


My teaching philosophy is that every single student can succeed in their courses and even have fun while doing so.  I have failed to meet a single student who I did not think could accomplish their individual course goals that we establish together.

My goals are to:

Credentials and Experience:

What does Red Tutoring offer?